Seventh-Day Adventist Church


Background Check

Please note that this is a separate registration process from the training you recently completed.

The website at the link below is how you will order your background check via a self-pay system. You must register as a new user and choose a username and password and follow the instructions below to complete the form with your personal information to be able to order and pay for your background check with a debit or credit card.

If you do not have a debit or credit card, need financial assistance, or are not comfortable using your cards online, please contact Pasto Poynter for help. 

The background check results are ready usually in an hour or two and up to 2 -3 days for some. You will receive an email once the check is completed.

**After receiving notification that your report is ready, please follow the instructions at this link to complete the process by sending Pastor Poynter your report.***

If you want to be reimbursed for the cost of the background check, please send Pastor Poynter an email indicating your request. Reimbursement checks will be processed ASAP; usually within 14 days.


Click this link to get started

Now your background check will be started. Wait until you get an email indicating that your report is ready (Usually ready in about an hour, but for some it might take 2 days.) When it is ready, follow this link for the instructions on how to send the report to Pastor Poynter.