Seventh-Day Adventist Church


Child Protection Training

  1. To begin, go to this link to register and gain access the training videos. The training consists of 8 parts which includes a one-question test with multiple choice answers per module.
  2. Follow the STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS in the images that follow below to help you have a smooth process and to avoid double charging the church. *TIP. If using a computer, open a second browser window with the link above to display it side by side with this window to see the step by step instructions as you proceed.* On a tablet or phone, open a second window with the link and switch between the two in order to reference the instructions if needed.
  3. PLEASE NOTE!! If for some reason after the training, the website gives you the option to start your background check, DO NOT PROCEED. It will cost the church twice as much and take twice as long to verfiy. There is a seperate site for the background check. After completing the training CLICK HERE FOR BACKGROUND CHECK INSTRUCTIONS. 

Each of the images below are what you will see on each page of the training website as you complete the forms prior to the training questions and videos.


Follow the instruction below

After completing the training click this link to go to the background check instructions page